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Long time no see fellas...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 18, 2017, 11:29 PM

So!, where to start, right? :x


I know I had no updates in MONTHS and that’s unforgettable, but life goes on and finds a way (like Dr.Malcom would say) and you end up not uploading anything on Deviant (or anywhere else) for long months in a time where not posting what are you eating every 4 seconds and what are you doing every 2 seconds it’s considered more like an insult or a irrefutable proof that you are somehow an alien from outer space.


As you can imagine a lot of things have happened, not BAD things, just THINGS, which keep me a bit busy up and all things considered. So why not list them up since we’re already here?, I’ll be quick, I promise.


I got a new cat, we literally couldn’t come up with a better name, and since he’s tiny, his name it’s “Puki” (like a puki-fee doll?, sorry guys, but it’s a fun name and it was the only thing it came up to my mind, lol). He is (as “Loki”) an Oriental (short hair) male cat with “Siamese” (‘seal point’?) color scheme. He was born the same day as ‘Loki’ (my other oriental cat) but a couple years of difference so it’s currently a lovely and very hungry kitten.
Cat love 01 by Mechanic-Star Cat love 06 by Mechanic-Star Cat love 02 by Mechanic-Star Cat love 05 by Mechanic-Star Cat love 03 by Mechanic-Star


I’m releasing a 2nd edition of my book, since the 1st edition it’s nearly sold out (think there are a couple copies left but not more than that so a 2nd run was needed). The new edition will have more pictures, more drawings (hope ‘Dolls for Trolls’ group of haters doesn’t accuse me of “stealing my own drawings”... -again-, LoL). And overall the cover has some extra features and it looks way better. So this will be the definitive Ver. for this book and if I ever need to reprint it a 3rd or 4th time, this will be it. - Now it’s time to take on the random things I have for my 2nd book (new one) and we will see where that leads in the end... funny I was the one who ended up writing books. From all people I've ever knew, I never though it will be "me". lol


Now to my personal life, I will rejoice to give more details but you know, TROLLS from the ‘pullip’ and BJD fandom from my own country bust my balls because they don’t like me (long lost reasons already explained a thousand times), so fuck them, private life was meant to be private right?, so this is the part where I diverse to ‘not so profound topics’ suck as...


Videogames ! ! ! [-*-SPOILERS AHEAD-*-], you have being warned:

Resident Evil 7 was pure shit for me, it delivered nothing of what Capcom promised, and though many people think “it was the best game evaaaa!”, it’s obvious for me, the main villain was a copy/paste from Alma (F.E.A.R.), the family was straight of a generic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Z-movie, and the game itself has almost no history by it’s own... and has almost no connection to the rest of the Resident evil Franchise, this is because I highly suspect this is a “reboot” (not a remake, not a new game all together, not ‘a change in direction’ and certainly NOT ‘a back to RE origins of suspense’);

Another game was Uncharted 4, and I will resume the entire experience as “the developers got married and try to justify their pitiful wife’s and kids by make one of the coolest main characters out there (Nathan Drake) get married and retired with a (god know why) super UGLY daughter”, ...just to put a bit of ‘extra dirt’ upon Nathan coffin (I mean, he could have had a good looking daughter, like him and his wife, I don’t know why the daughter it’s so fucking UGLY if their dads are a living representation of magazine models, but there you go...). This is like imagine Jack Sparrow (from POTC) getting actually married, leaving the pirate life and having kids with some “super kick ass woman” (because developers want to make sure they are super happy about their wife’s representing them as a blond version of Terminator 2 Sarah Connor). I had played Rise of the Tomb Raider, and I HATE Lara since the 90’s, and even so, it was far better game than Uncharted 4, at least Lara doesn’t get married and have kids at the end, the whole point of having this “Indiana Jones” sort of characters it’s to see them as eternal icons of never-ending coolness, representing that hero we will never be, NOT “representing the abridge guy we all are”, if we want real life, we don’t play videogames;

Another game, DeuxEx Mankind Divided...... it’s all in plain daylight. I can ignore all other things about the game, but the daylight brings everything down to “it sucks”. I have more fun moving on the sewers and inside buildings because I can actually forget there is SUN outside. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. And I really do love Adam J. as a character, that is the only reason I keep playing this game;

And I know it’s not a game per se’ but I finally saw the “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” movie (haven’t played the game, I kinda’ hate Noctis now so...), and the movie was (suprisingly) good even for someone who have never played the game, now, having said this, it makes a awesome job making you hate the main character of the game (“Prince Noctis”) since he comes as a spoiles brat that complains about problems that hold no grip compared to the rest of the fucking planet problems (on that planet that is). Plus, the main character of the movie (‘Nyx Ulric’) is portrayed by ‘Aaron Paul’, and I fucking loved “Jesse Pinkman” [Breaking Bad], so watching the guy give his life so “little prince noctis” can get a car ride with friends it’s like a serious kick on everyone’s balls. I guest I’ll keep forever waiting for the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE because I kinda’ like Cloud and he’s not insufferable and he actually have some serious shit problems (unlike Noctis) and on top of that, all FFVII characters are simply AWESOME BITCHES!;


So that was pretty much it, I did downloaded and played a ton of PSN free or “digital only” games and some are ‘awesomely good’, so if you see a game for cheap on promotional time (or free), give it a chance. You might be surprised by it. - I hate X-box because I hate Online-Multiplayer (and consoles in general that melt because ‘Bill’ wanted to reduce costs), and I hate Nintendo because I think they can do a lot better, and they just don’t bother since they’re making money out of all the people who, regardlessly of their non existent efforts, keeps on buying their shit. So PlayStation it’s the only option I find “good” nowadays (-not counting PC as a console because computers and mobile phones/tablets are not consoles, period-) and I do have some shit to say about Sony, but not as many as I have to say from all the other ones so...


Now talking about movies, I’m a bit lost on the Marvel “cinematic universe”, so I should get back on track before ‘Thor 3’ comes out, but I’m expecting ‘Transformers (5) The Last Knight’ the most, why?, well... because for once megatron looks like Megatron and has a face..? (and it also reminds me a lot of TF-Prime Megatron design, and that’s badass), and though I’m not super exited about the whole “girl kids power” shit that stink to Disney Channel, as I did with all previous Michel Bay TF movies, I’m willing to ignore the flaws and get the good parts, like Anthony Hopkins, because EVERYTHING it’s better with him on it. - I still haven’t watched ‘Resident Evil the Final Chapter’ (will fix that soon though), but I heard it didn’t got any good reviews, but considering the entire live action franchise sucks, I’m rather only exited for the new (-game universe based-) CGI motion picture “Biohazard: Vendetta” (and the fact that Glenn Arias remind me of Albert Wesker does help...), rather than RE Final chapter. - I did waste my time on a long list of forgettable horror movies. But I also did discover some cool pictures like “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”, or “As Above So Below”, even the new “Blair Witch” movie (#3, direct sequel to the 1st one) has it’s charm... also, “Flight 7500” only roved me that Ryan Kwanten has a serious shit problem when it comes to haunted dolls in every fucking movie he’s in *(‘Dead Silence’ - Jamie Ashen).


So not going to bother anyone anymore over now with this long ass journal, pardon my language, I’m a sailor without the ship, and be cool, c’ya soon!

Linkin Park has died. RIP LP. We will forever treasure Chester's screams and Mike's rapping sounds, all the beats and instrumental clash, and we promise not ever let the "soft-emo-pop-disney-princess-Kiiara-shit" sound you got now (2017) be your ultimate legacy. You will be foreber in our hearts Linkin Park.

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2017 New Year's Doll Meme:

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 3, 2017, 1:17 AM

As every year, let's start!

What sculpt do you wish you could see more owner photos of?
- BuddyDoll dolls in general. I know the factory died long ago but I still find them to be the most special sculpts for me. And the few there are are owned by Russian artists in the majority it's not easy to find any picture at all nowadays

Do people choose names for their dolls and characters the dolls are based on and then check excessively to see if anyone is already using the name? Are they bothered if they find other dolls having the same name?
- Personally I'm not. I come up with a name, I never give a single fu*k if anyone else it's using that name. I bet there is a thousand if not more humans using "my name" and I'm not obsessed by it so why should be obsessed about my dolls names..?

What company do you wish were more popular? What company do you wish were less popular? Why?
- I will say BuddyDoll again but since they're closed, I'll go for Obitsu, the big ones, are exactly the same as any other Vinyl ball jointed doll like DollfieDream or SmartDoll but people somehow hates them, I never knew why... And I wish SmartDolls weren't so popular, me, personally, fell like cheated, Danny C. was supposed to give us "the next step on doll evolution", a robotic doll you can command trough an app in your smartphone, and then he reconsidered the cost of production and ended up giving us 'anime flat faced characters' who are ALL ""Mirai with the exact same clothing"" (almost), and for some unknown reason people praise him like if he had invented something marvelous. Wellp, he didn't, he just made another version of DollfieDream but uglier and less imaginative, not the "dolly robot" he promise, and the reason why his brand was called SMART-DOLL to begin with.

Based on the characters written, out of your dolls, your friends’ dolls or even other owners’ dollies, which doll would you most like to be friends with? And which doll is most likely to be your mortal enemy?
- My, this is a good one, since I have a saga of published books about my dolls histories and their character I know them all very deeply and I can say for sure, "Star" will be the one to most likely becoming my friend since he's pretty much like me in many ways, intolerant, nasty for fun, sarcastic, unpredictable, every mistake I have he have almost the same so there will be a problematic friendship but surely we will remain friends for a lifetime. And "Lily" will most possibly be my sort of "mortal enemy" since she is so vain and thinks so high of herself as a doll that this will continuously might generate 'girl cat-fights' over the smallest things.

What’s the longest you’ve waited for a doll to arrive? What’s the shortest?
- Longest?, MOC (mint-on-card), their costumer service sucks and they're rude and they threat you with cancel your order after months of waiting if they don't like where you live even though they had previously told you they had no problem shipping there. It took over 8 months to get Star his own proper body since I wanted a very specific 'over-articulated' body from a specific company who wasn't selling if not trough agents and MOC was the only-one who accepted to ship internationally so I had to suck it and wait while they insulted me over months and months, the final insult, supposedly "extra hands" they had to send me, they send me a pair of hands doing the fu*k you, yes, they ultimately gave me the middle finger on resin. I still have the hands, no idea what to do with them actually... - The shortest?, easy, a week from paid to product arrival. From recaster S/L (China BJD).

Do you like to sew for your dolls? Where do you usually get your fabric?
- I HATE to sew for everyone and everything. Is not like I "can't", is literally, I HATE IT. And when I do have to sew because I don't have any other choice I find fabric in the most weird places. Never online, I live on a "clothing factory district" so I can buy my fabrics here or even real clothing for humans on sale and use the fabric I need from there (since dolls are smaller than humans a t-shirt for a human will have enough fabric for a doll t-shirt for sure).

Do you like to create things for your dolls, be it clothes, wigs, accessories, ect? If so, what?
- As previously stated I do hate to create clothing items, and shoes. I avoid it as much as I can, but I love to make eyes, doll heads, bodies, wigs (fur or fiber), jewelry, and sometimes even props... (though I don't use them much).

If you have pets, do you let them near your dolls? How do they feel about your dolls?
- I have (currently) 3 cats. I let them near my dolls under my strict supervision. One of them wants to steal Star's bed and sleeps on his lap every time he can, but I doubt Star will like that and it might be even a danger for the animal if Star long fingernails break so I never actually let him do so. the other two cats, one ignores my dolls as he ignores humans too, and the lat one it's too curious and can't stay put for a second so he usually just smell my dolls and move on to the next shinny thing.

Is there any character of yours that you wouldn’t want to get as a doll? Why?
- Pfff, hard one here, now that I think of it....... mmm....... no, I don't think I have any character that's a "NOPE" if it comes as a present.... Why?, well, maybe because I only relate the dolls to the characters I make and whatever I hate from them, is in some sense a "part of me", so I can live even with the parts of me I don't like. It's called self-esteem. - Plus, I have Lily, and it's my less favorite character so.... right now I can't think of any. Sorry.

Has anyone ever broken one of your dolls? How did you feel? How did they react?
- By the time I started with BJDs I had already had a lot of "bad experiences with assholes/friends coming home and breaking stuff". The one I remember the most right now, was my best friend (at that time) taking a very rare/expensive/hard-to-get "Kaiyodo Evangelion Eva 05 figure" back in the 90's, and detaching the legs...then he lol'd about it...........that guy now lives 12 hours away, in another continent. Problem solved.

Where do you like to get your supplies? (Elastic, eye puddy, ect.)
- At first (since I didn't knew any better) was all online, the imports on my country are/where expensive but we didn't had all the stupid regulations we have now. Nowadays I tend to actually use my head and look for the stuff I need where I can buy it directly on a real (physical) store around the corner, so I always have a lot of supplies at had. You just need to know what you need and where they sell it. It's not that hard and much more fun.

If you could have a doll of any fandom character, who would you get and why?
- I think Sephiroth from "Final Fantasy VII" series. Thus his armor (specially the shoulder plates) are a pain in the arse'... I did had one of my dolls customized to be him but ultimately ended up using the doll for a character on my book and giving him, a more 'easy to deal with' clothing.

Where is your favorite place to host your doll photos? What other places do you like to share them?
- Mainly DeviantArt, but I also use Tumblr and FB (sometimes). I tend to change over the years but this are the sites I use almost all the time.

What type of camera do you use? What about light set up?
- I hate photography almost as much as sewing clothing items. Sorry.

Where do you usually buy your eyes from? Do you prefer glass, acrylic, urethane, ect?
- I buy my eyes everywhere I can and I do actually prefer glass eyes.

What is the best deal you’ve ever been able to score (be it direct from a doll company, an etsy store, the second-hand market, etc.)?
- Recast from S/L. Purchased 3 1/3 SD dolls and got a mini and a 1/4 for free. + their respective eyes.

Face up artists: What were some things you struggled with when you first began face-ups, vs. things you struggle with now? How do your first face-ups compare to your more recent ones?
- When I first began faceups the most common mistake where the eyebrows, now I don't think I struggle too much about anything anymore... practice do make the master.

What color resin is most of your crew? What color resin is your favorite? What color would you like to get next or in the future?
- Most of my crew it's Normal Yellow, but I have all sort of colors, Tans, blue, white, grey, pink, even Glow in the dark resin... it all depends on the sculpt and the character I'm making.

Do any of your dolls celebrate a holiday other than Christmas?
- Guest you could say Star celebrates his birthday (the day he was order) as a reminder of how I started in this hobby and how long I've being up with this until today.

If you could change one of your dolls into an outfit that isn’t their aesthetic (aka pastel lolita into gothic punk, bad boy into nerdy jock), who would you choose and why? (Also, would they go along with it, or would they protest?)
- I think "Wind" will make a good dark Gothic "something", since he is (as a character) continuously changing his look in search of "who he is" don't think his character will mind neither...

Have you ever bought through Taobao? If so, what did you get, and how did it go?
- Yes, dolls items and dolls, it went perfect. Thank you very much.

Do any of your dolls have a ‘theme song’?
- Star does. It's the song "Iris" from "GooGoo Dolls".

Are any of your dolls more popular than other ones when it comes to likes, reblogs, ect? Are any of them less popular?
- I never notice about "my dolls popularity". I'm not in high-school anymore. And to be honest I gave a sh*t even when I was on high-school so... I'm a very happy outcast, so are my dolls.

If you have more than one doll, how are they connected? Are they from the same story line? If not, do you think they’d still get along?
- All my dolls are connected, all share the same universe and are tied to the events of their main story depicted on my books. Some get along better than others like in real life real people would.

Do you ever smoke (cigarettes, cannabis, ect.) around your dolls? If so, do you worry about the smell? If not, would it bother you if others did?
- I don't smoke. It kinda' bothers me the smell of cigarettes on anything (-or "dirty/wet dog smell", that is on my top ten list of smells I don't want EVER smell again on my LIFE-), but I've learn to live with it since my dad it's a heavy smoker so his belongings always smell like cigarettes... As long as it's not on MY dolls your doll can smell however you prefer and I have no reason to get mad at anyone for it. It's not my doll. Period.

What are your favorite places to hang out within the community? Do you like a specific forum, or fb group?
- I think the community sucks all the joy out of this hobby. I have decades of experience on this community and other fandom related communities and let me tell you, is not worth it. It's a drama over another drama over ANOTHER drama... sooner or later you will be in the center of a hurricane and you won't know what the hell just hapend.

Tell me about your dolls personality! If you have more than one doll, pick a few of your favs! I’d love to know all about them. ^^
- All of my dolls are intertwined into a main story. There are a lot of characters each with an unique story and motivation. I can't really resume their lives as OC's here, but if you like you can read my book. Main characters personalities are a bit like: Star (selfish, unpredictable, values his freedom over most things but it's not an idealistic guy, sarcastic and acid, oftenly apathetic), Doc (curious, loving, gentle and smart but a bit bitter at times), Max (strong, intimidating, never let's his emotions out unless necessary, manly and quiet, can't stand being a slave or other weaker dolls), Swan (smart, fierce, beautiful despite her defects, courageous, stubborn), Angel (distant, quiet, very powerful, mysterious), Pax (strong and kind to others, particularly the weakest ones or the ones in need, honorable and a very good person/doll, values everyone's lives above his own), Night (agile, not as fast as Star but still a skillful doll, very sociable and likes to joke around), Light (serious for his age, tends to be taking care of Night and considers him his brother although they are not related, very loyal), and so on...

Are any of your dolls in a relationship, or married? Do they have any children?
- Spoiler Alert. Yes. Not going to point fingers at them.

What’s your grail doll? (’Grail’ can be interpenetrated any way you desire.)
- I don't really know.... I'm still waiting on a strong actually BIG and not "soom ridiculously thin legs" centaur, like SoulDoll Chiron kinda' centaur, 70 fucking centimeters for real, bad side is that much resin is not something the companies are willing to use on a single doll if they can use half and still sell you the doll for the same price so.... keep on waiting I guest. Most of my grail dolls I already have them so I'm not like "desperate" about getting a specific sculpt.
That being said, there is always a doll I will like to own but is not like I'll die if I don't own them...

Do you usually get dolls for a specific character, or create a character once you have the doll?
- I usually get the doll for a specific character but this doesn't mean I haven't piked my good share of dolls just because they're pretty and felt obligated to give them a character afterwards...

Do any of your dolls have an accessory or piece of clothing that they always wear?
- "Night" have a "bow and arrow" set. "Star" has a yellow/orange sparkling scarf, "Max" have dog-tags, "Doc" have black long boots, "Pax" have a blue feather hanging on his neck.., almost all of the characters/dolls I have, have something special that they wear of like to have around at every situation...

Do any of your dolls participate in any clubs, or sports?
- I hate sports, I never did took interest or asked them if they did. But I'm guessing no...

Do your dolls have any pets? If so, would you ever get their pet as it’s own doll?
- Some, and in some cases, yes... but mostly they don't have pets.

What is something about your doll that no one else knows?
- I can't seem to change the eyes of my first doll, I tried like 4 times and ended up back to his original eyes in less than a day. It's like the eyes are the window to the entire personality of that particular doll and without that specific eyes he doesn't looks the same...and I can't tolerate that fact. I fell like I've just killed someone whenever I change his's a weird felling knowing he is a doll and it's not actually alive but damn...fells like shit. :/

What is your dolls favorite color? What about their favorite color to wear?
- "Star" preffers redish with a bit of blue, "Doc" loves everything black and specially red... "Lily" loves Pink and white, "Max" prefers military-like colors or simple things...and so on...

Are any of your dolls spiritual?
- I'm not sure on how to interpret this question, you mean if they (their characters) are involved in "spiritual" or so activities..?, or if I use them as "spiritual dolls" to hold the spirit of the dead in real life..?, really, this question needs some context.

Do any of your dolls have tattoos? If so, do they represent anything?
- Not that I recall, maybe a couple. Not going to spoil the story and their meaning. Sorry.

Do any of your dolls have a nickname? Is it one they like, or do they dislike it? Who gave it to them?

- Star usually call Max “the old guy” or “the old men”, and Doc nickname Max sometimes as “the warrior”. But Max doesn’t know they called him nicknames.

* All this questions belong to: "Bjd Discussion Time!" please check their blog for more.

** Disclaimer, right now, Jan 2017, I have over 80 (or more, stop counting them a long time ago) Ball Jointed Dolls, so it's a LOT difficult to list them all and I replied this questions to the best of my knowledge. Hope you have less dolls and can actually give more precise answers.

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Happy New Year ! ! !

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 5:06 PM

So YES!, Happy new year! I know it’s batshit late, and we are almost on Jan 2nd, but what tha’ hell!, Happy New year anyway! :D

This 2017 I’ll be getting the 2nd edition of my book so I better work fast because of the deadline I have to deliver the additional material, more pictures and drawings and things I wasn’t able to include the 1st run cos’ of the lack of time... ^^;

So that’s my first priority this new year and then we will see what the world brings ;)

And I want to dedicate this song to paine86 and that knows we might be miles apart, but still wish the best and will help in any way possible... hope this 2017 only brings wonderful stuff to you. :hug: ...and count on me. :)

"So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you, yeah I miss you

So far away from where you are
I'm standing underneath the stars
And I wish you were here

I miss the years that were erased
I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face
I miss all the little things
I never thought that they'd mean everything to me
Yeah I miss you
And I wish you were here

I feel the beating of your heart
I see the shadows of your face
Just know that wherever you are
Yeah I miss you
And I wish you were here

I miss the years that were erased
I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face
I miss all the little things
I never thought that they'd mean everything to me
Yeah I miss you
And I wish you were here

So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you, yeah I miss you
And I wish you were here "

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We say goodbye to another year... Here's to us!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 3:54 PM

We say goodbye to another year... Here's to us!

did you ever think you where going to get rid of my magnificent "end year song" this time?, wellp NOPE.

"We could just go home right now,
or maybe we could stick around,
for just one more drink, oh yeah...
Get another bottle out!
Lets shoot the shit,
sit back down,
for just one more drink, oh yeah...

Here's to us, Here's to us...
All the times that we fucked up.
Here's to you, fill the glass..,
Cause the last few days have kicked my ass.
So lets give em hell!, Wish everybody well...
Here's to us, Here's to us...

Stuck it out this far together,
put our dreams through the shredder,
let’s toast cause things got better...
And everything could change like that,
and all these years go by so fast,
but, nothing lasts forever.

Here's to us, Here's to us...
All the times that we messed up.
Here's to you, fill the glass..,
Cause the last few days have kicked my ass.
If they give you hell!, Tell em to go fuck themselves!
Here's to us, Here's to us...

Here's to all that we kissed,
and to all that we missed,
to the biggest mistakes
that we just wouldn’t trade.
To us breaking up, without us breaking down!
To whatever's come our way!

Here’s to us..!

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Not gonna say what I got for Xmas, but I got dolls

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 3:16 AM

Not gonna' say what I got for X-Mas... but I got ball jointed dolls.
(and a fashion doll, and some Transformers toys, and two PlayStation-4 games from my dear friends <3 lol, and a couple bucks because yes, there is always a family member who gives you money because they have no idea what to do with it will be "doll money" too, either for printing books or buying new dolls)

So something's telling me the 2nd book it's gonna have some new characters... ;)

Please don't forget this upcoming next year (2017) I'll be presenting my "1st book (2nd edition) +plus" on the "International Book Fair", at "Buenos Airess", Argentina. - Of course it's the 1st BJD themed book in my country. Over 400 pages and illustrations inside all made by me... ;P

I'm actually seriously considering making a raffle or a giveaway of some sort for the "second edition" (”2nd run”/”2nd print”) of the 1st book. - Like 'win a BJD' sorta' thing..?, ...I know this dolls are extremely rare and the prices for the cheapest company (or even a recast) can go BANANAS on the Argentina market "just because", so many people end up not having the chance to get a BJ-Doll by their own means, and I have so many of them by now... I think I'll have to sit and think what I'll do and how. But I'm totally in for it, the only downside it's if the doll it's won by some asshole who will instantly put it on sale for profit on the market... I would really hate for that to happen. :( ...guest I'll have to take measures to prevent it.

And finally, I know I promise ya' all this last (current?) year 2016 I will be focusing on the English translation but I got trapped by the 2nd book and it's development rather than just go over the 1st one again. It's still something I will do (at one point or the other), but might not be as quickly as anticipated. Sorry. Totally gonna’ work on that one... :/

Oh!, and almost forgot!, I also got another NECA Alien for my "alien rainbow", now I'm waiting for the green one that glows in the dark and some other pre-orders... but I'm missing a ""really blue"" Alien on my rainbow (let's hope the next movie brings more colors and designs) and a really black alien (I don't want to repeat the same model, so I'm not getting the "Genocide black warrior" since I already have the red one), I felt totally tempted to buy an Albino alien and dye him hot-pink... but this things might be cheap on the US, but are crazy expensive here on Argentina, and I'm not sure about going the way of super hot colors because I know there is NO TURNING BACK once you get FLUO.

So that's all for now, do you guys think I should do a a raffle or a giveaway for a bjd? if so, any ideas?, I'll take replies by inbox if you don't want to post them here (some of my readers are just shy, I know... :P lol)

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Feliz Navidad 2016 - Ver. Argentina

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2016, 9:26 AM

Previamente posteado en:…

Bien, no voy a tomar demasiado de sus tiempos. Yo vivo en Argentina (es el sur de Sudamérica), por si no lo saben aquí es verano y hace un calor tropical que no es nada grato (en especial con las subas de las tarifas de la luz/electricidad como un %400 o %500 porciento y un servicio que sigue siendo deficiente y que te garantiza pasarla a oscuras y sin siquiera un ventilador a mano). - Pero no es eso de lo que vine a hablarles. - Generalmente no me importa demasiado la navidad mas allá de los regalos y la fanfarrea de dichas festividades (aun teniendo en cuenta que este Diciembre del 2016 fue el año con menos espíritu navideño que vi en décadas). - Me encanta realizar regalos (y como a cualquiera, también recibirlos). - Este año fue el primer año de un gobierno que prometía grandes cosas, cambios para mejor, y yo, en lo personal, siento que no tan solo no han cumplido sino que la calidad de vida de todos los que conozco bajo tanto que si quisiera explicarlo no podría. Le apostaron a la esperanza, y la esperanza nos arrojo como bolsa de ropa sucia por una escalera... a un sótano frío, donde quedamos tirados. Olvidados. Nosotros, la clase media, la clase trabajadora, la clase que esta navidad no descorchara champagne ni comerá medio lechón asado con canapés de caviar. La clase que no tiene propiedades en Puerto Madero, pero muchos fallan en ver que es la espina dorsal de toda la sociedad en su conjunto, porque todo rey y toda corte de nobles, necesitan que la clase media trabaje y les lave las prendas y les mantenga el hermoso castillo donde viven. - A causa de esto vi a muchísimas personas luchando para comprar un regalo a sus hijos así fuera de un valor mínimo. Y no pasa por ser materialista o no, pasa porque para los más jóvenes, Navidad tiene que ser una época de alegría, no de clichés en películas familiares de otro país donde te dicen que “podes vivir pobre y abajo del puente pero eres feliz porque navidad es estar con tus seres queridos”, no, no, así no funciona el mundo. Los niños merecen un regalo, y uno que les guste, y los padres no pueden dárselos. No porque no quieran, sino porque no tienen el dinero. ¿Y saben porque no tienen el dinero?, porque tuvimos uno de los peores años en materia económica que recuerdo en mis 34 años de vida, lo cual es mucho. MUCHO. - Así que esta navidad, y teniendo en cuenta que no soy de ninguna religión en particular, tengo un solo deseo, que a ningún chico le falte un juguete. Y no hablo de África u de lugares exóticos que salen en la Nacional Geographic, no, no, hablo del nene o nena que vive al lado tuyo, el que no va a recibir ninguna ayuda de nadie porque según la sociedad “esta lo suficientemente bien como para que, aun estando mal, nadie le de una mano”. Porque es así, nos ocupamos de los enfermos en los hospitales, les regalamos cosas a los de países lejanos, incluso le donamos a las villas miserias u asentamientos precarios, pero al pobre pibe clase media que este año va a abrir con suerte una pelotita de golf que el padre encontró en la oficina, a ese, jamás le damos ni la hora porque “es clase media, y va a estar bien”. Es hora de que los tarados mentales se den cuenta de que “ser clase media” generalmente significa pasarla mal, y no que “zafamos”, porque las clases mas bajas tienen todos los subsidios y donaciones, las clases mas altas no necesitan nada porque se van de viaje a la otra punta del mundo, pero y las clases medias que..? - No es mucho pedirle al mundo un juguetito debajo de cada árbol de las personas que mas estudian y mas trabajan en esta (y cualquier) sociedad ¿no..?, si, seguramente habrá otros en peores condiciones (siempre los hay), pero teniendo en cuenta que un solo ser humano no puede ocuparse del mundo entero, pues entonces me ocupare de los que veo aquí a mi lado. - En lo personal tuve la suerte de saberla remar todo este 2016, porque estoy curtida de los “desastres económicos” en mi país cuando asumen presidentes que uno no sabe si son muy tontos o muy inteligentes (para su propia conveniencia). - Pero estas son fiestas negras... para muchos mas que antes. Gente que se desloma trabajando y que vive en un área gris a la que nadie ayuda. - Esta navidad, si vas a donar algo, si vas a ayudar a alguien, aunque sea solo por este año, elige a alguien de la clase media, que son seres humanos también... Gracias y Feliz Navidad.

"Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize - we're floating in space -
Do You Realize - that happiness makes you cry
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun doesn't go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - Oh - Oh - Oh
Do You Realize - that everyone you know
Someday will die -

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun doesn't go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize..."

X-Mas and NEWS Premium Core membership buy 1 get 1

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2016, 12:26 PM

Ok, so as for my last journal as you can see things seem to have being solved, don't know HOW to be honest, but it did. So cheers for that. (honestly, no idea, but thank the gods it did Thanks for their help to the ones commenting a PM-ing me about it, really, thanks. :thanks:

If you want to take advantage of the Core-Premium membership deals available for limited time on Christmas, go… , choose a Deviant friend and you will get the same amount of Premium time in your account that you are giving to your friend.
If you want to donate points please follow this link… or if you want to give a LLAMA it will be given back ASAP :)

Now that being said, it's being a time of huge news at least for me.

First, Transformers latest movie (#5) "The Last Knight" has a trailer, and it's an awesome one... (glad to see they took so much from TF-Prime TV show, that I honestly love, and yes, Optimus seems to be infected with ""dark energon"" and Megatron will be the ""good guy"" on this one maybe..? we all know that huge horn coming from the sand it's Unicron's...possibly entombed as the core of planet earth as they did it on the TF-P show, plus, Antony Hopkins rulez)

Second! Ok, seemingly "last" trailer for Resident Evil 7
....that looks a fucking lot to Silent Hills (Konami last SH cancelled game, using the story of SH2).
***SPOILER TIME***, ok, next thing you read will/might be a huge spoiler so if you're saving yourself for the game DO NOT READ, ok?, you have being warned:
-some ppl have caked the files and codes on the RE7 demo and there is a lot of use of the name Albert, and we all know that there is only one Albert on this saga, and that is Albert Wesker so he might NOT be "dead" (again) after RE5, as we saw (hear) him on another relatively new game from the RE universe, the guy it's sneaky and if this is actually a GO and real I could not be any happier with my life.- Link to:…

Also the RE7 demo it's now completed and if you get the "real ending" (has multiple endings) you will get a coin that's supposedly to do something in the game itself so go try the demo, it's complete and free no ;)
Here you have the guide: (there are 4 possible endings, "true ending", "escape", "infected" and "bad ending")…

We will get to see the new Resident Evil Vendetta movie: (yes, actually a CG movie, the 3rd in line since they started the Biohazard CG animated movies of the "game universe")

Also, FINALLY!, last chapter of the Resident Evil Movies (with real actors I mean)

Assassin's Crees saga it's also getting their movie...Liked the actor's choice though I do miss Altair.

And in other awesome news we get to see 'Starlord' when he's not leading raptor packs...

And to be honest this comes like 2 decades even hyped anymore. If it was 1999, sure, but 2017?, GFY Hollywood...

And at least to confuse you all, Death Stranding trailers, from Kojima Productions.

So that's pretty much it, have a Merry X-Mas and a happy new year if I don't update on time, that's a classical ME, lol XD

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Goodby DeviantArt..? :(

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2016, 2:07 PM

I know I haven't being active on some time though I do still manage to my best returning llamas and that sort of automatic things. Truth is my membership on DA it's coming to an end and I'm not even NEAR to get the points I need to stay another year (I have 10 points on my account and I need like 2400 or 1200 for half a year including the promotion, if not will be much more expensive).

I've being open for commissions, adoptables, stories, even selling items, and haven't being able to get more than 10 points...that I will surely donate to someone else (randomly) if I can't stay myself on Deviant anymore.

It is with grate shame and sorrow that I ask you, if I can do anything for you and if you can pay in points, please, pretty please let me know before the promotional time ends, otherwise will be impossible and much more expensive.

If I don't see anyone anymore, then rest assure I wish you the best :hug:

It was a good run after all...

Happy Halloween 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 9:30 AM

Sorry, busy as hell today, I know I've being absent and all from DA, will make up to you guys, for now just some music vids for Halloween :)

(next vid contains spoilers of Stranger Things S01, you've being warned)

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H.P.L. madness...

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 2, 2016, 5:00 PM

I should be doing a thousand shits and I'm here doing nothing...
well, I'm updating the journal at least...

In fact I'm going to list all the shit I should be doing, like repairing the dino damage wounds from the JP old Kenner toys, from Jurassic Park line. Or finishing up some BJD heads, or cleaning my room on general terms, and putting all the creatures from McFarlane and Neca together on a place where a glass can protect them from the air and dust, or writing another chapter of my 2nd book, or correcting mistakes on my 1st book or making videos for my channel or doing repaints, washing out my toys, etc. etc. etc.

But nope, here it's good old me doing nothing but updating DA...

And unable to remove the Werner Müller (orchestra) "Gypsy" album from my damn head...

So... I'm going to be completely honest with you all, this is a "Force of Will"
(it's a card game, like "MAGIC" sorta' trading card game) upcoming movie trailer, titled "L.S. pilot film". And it's basically promising an excitement approach to H.P.L. horror story lines such 'The Call of Cthulhu'. Having said this I will add I love H.P.L. horror and every time I watch this trailer I get a strange felling I haven't felt on ages...

Bad thing is, they will provably screw it up or the movie itself will never be completed. Why?, well, like stated before, "Force of Will" it's a card game. A very bland and BAD card game who has gone from "bad" to "worse" over the last times. The game itself has absolutely NOTHING to do with this trailer, see the cards and you'll find the generic elf semi undress girl, the typical generic anime fantasy lines and every single shit that seems to come from a generic hentai porn movie where orcs rape virgin elves (spent a second on 4chan and you'll get the idea). None of this is reflected in this trailer, this trailer it's awesome madness and unconventional references to H.P.L. books and that is why this is so awesome. So sit and enjoy this brief trailer that should not carry the name of a sinking brand who have nothing to do with the movie they're producing, but.... oh well, as long as it stays on the awesome horror side I'm absolutely in on it.

And in any case, stay tunned' for news because...
I have to finish something at some point or another, right..?

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Im on fire baby...

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 12:54 AM

Second book it’s prospering faster than expected, the winter it’s leaving and the spring it’s on us here, too bad, I love winter. LoL. I’ve being restoring lots of broken toys lately and that has consumed some of my time too, but still at night inspiration strikes and I’m down to writing again.

I want to assure everyone out there I will address the subject of a specific guide on how to make your own BJD but you guys need to give me time, ok? Easies said than dome as they say, I started writing the books for my enjoyment and I still do it for that reason, I promise future parts of the book saga will be detailed and step by step on how to make dolls at home, but that requires a different type of work than tales and novels, is like spaghetti and lasagna, they’re both technically “pasta”, but it’s not the same.


I’m almost out of books to sell too, didn’t print too many due to my budget but I think there is 2 on different comic/book stores and then I should call the Editorial to confirm if they have any left and if they do how many of them but I think they won’t be many since I’ve being asking them to hand me over some extra books cos’ I already had them sold to different costumers (or is it “readers”?, I never know ^^; ). So next time will be a digital version (spanish) and so far the extent of the story will be covered into at least 3 books. I don’t plan to publish more since I think the span of 3 books it’s just the right of pages I need for closing the entire story/saga.


I hope during the times I have the time and inspiration to make some more drawings about the characters and at very least slowly translate to my very primitive English some of the stories/pages from the 1st book. But I’m not making any promises I can’t keep right?

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Happy B-Day to Me! XD ...and also, Wesker.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2016, 7:42 AM

As you might have notice today it's my birthday, and even if I'm too wasted and too busy I wanted to upload this, but to be honest I want at least upload one picture today to it have some "deviant-artish meaning" kinda'..? ^^;

Just on time for my Birthday D.C.Douglas (Albert Wesker) it's premiering a low budget zombie movie ("Isle of the Dead") on Syfy so go see it! Thank you Doug! :D…

Plus! New Resident Evil 7 Trailer! ""Lantern"" and I already see the update of this demo coming my way folks! ;)

And for the ones who are not aware of it, YES, ZOMBIES have invaded the Metal Gear Universe on a "post Kojima" era for the franchise (confusion it's allowed). But at least it looks far better than Umbrella Chronicles so LOL. XD

That and....I'll do my best to upload at least ONE pic today, stay tuned!

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Drive the whole world out...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2016, 11:37 AM

So, between coffee cup and coffee cup I tend to survive on instant (Maruchan) ramen and white rice. It's funny how I just don't care about eating so much anymore, is like I have a craving for something specific and I go for it, but unless that happens I care shit whatever I eat or not, like I don't fell hungry, sometimes I totally forget to eat and I have to post it on a paper so I eat every 6 or 7 hours... and before you scream bulimia or anorexia let me tell you this is a somewhat "learned behavior" from the times where I was strongly sick and could not keep food on my system for 1 second (strong meds for a brain tumor + even stronger meds to keep the food inside me, old stuff from 2008 I still take/have, but in less quantity), so on the brighter side I'm still fat as hell but not as fat as Jan this year... XD

Anyway, I'm catch up playing "Until Dawn" on my PS4 since well, I love interactive movies kinda' games and I had a voucher for US 100 on PSN that I used to get the pre-order of upcoming "Resident Evil VII - Biohazard"

(-I have the PSN "+Plus only" demo/teaser *although I'm not PSN +Plus member, a friend gave me a trick to get a free plus trial for 2 days and turns out it worked and now I'm not plus anymore but the demo still works like wonders, and... gota' say, I totally loved it, is something like -"Capcom married RE saga with Silent-HillS and that's a FULL FUCKING WINRAR"- kinda' game we expect for Jan 2017 if they don't delay the stuff-) but since there is so, SO much coming this way and we truly don't know how this country (Argentina) will suck next week, I better get prepared for it in advance right..?, anyways, I had a 100 bucks vouch on PSN and use it to get the deluxe RE7 pre-order edition and I had 20 bucks left so I got looking for something to play and guest what!, "Until Dawn" was SUPER cheap at just 20 bucks and ""Agent Ward"" + ""Claire Bennet"" it's a pair I can NOT let pass me by on a genre of games I already love.

So playing that I found out there is a cameo for BJDs on the game! wow!, I didn't saw that one coming this way! :D… :dance:
Untill-Dawn BJD house 00 by Mechanic-Star Untill-Dawn BJD house 01 by Mechanic-Star Untill-Dawn BJD house 02 by Mechanic-Star

Something else!, I'm uploading pictures from the Doll Museum so stay tuned for that!…
Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star Untitled by Mechanic-Star…

And between things I'm also finishing other two SD dolls, the heads got defects right out the mold and I was considering to put them away since it was the 1st cast and redo it for better results, but turns out resin it's expensive in my country nowadays so I was a bit bored and decided not to trow them away but to fix them and give them a chance in life to become a doll. They turned out far better than expected for something I wasn't going to work with and now I'm considering delay those re-recast for a distant future since I'm so happy with this kids... ^__^
Head - Sarcastic - SEREN by Mechanic-Star Head - Sad 01 - no name yet... by Mechanic-Star Head - Sad 02 - no name yet... by Mechanic-Star

And while doing them (just because it's a bitch) inspiration stroke me down for the third and final chapter of my series of books and in a lapse of 15 minutes I had a serious brain storm for the 3rd book, and this sucks since I haven't finish the 2nd one yet... but well, at least the 1st one it's finish and publish so I can move from there... ^^;
All I can tell now it's it will be a massive story, much research and small details fitting in and I try to include all types of public on my stories so at least there will be a character we can all relate to or grab interest on him/her and follow his/her destiny trough the whole story. Plus, tutorials, many tutorials. That was a fan request I can't ignore, lol. So this technically means I'm delaying the English translation for later (sorry folks), but I have yet not discarded the idea of an English translation, just put it in on hold.
kaomoji set 2 60/67 SO freaking SORRY kaomoji set 2 56/67

Among other things, haters (from my own country) appear to have planed a "counter birthday party" for my birthday this year wishing I was never born or some shit like that, interesting right..?, I mean... everyone can have a b-day party but not many have a "non-b-day" party made by their "archenemies" (?) who wish I just drop dead, charming people in fact, lol... XD
Now for real gals, you should get something better to do in your free time, I almost (*almost*) fell tempted to assist to my own "non-b-day" party just to screw you guys evening but chances are it will be either too cold or I will be too lazy...although, I'm still kinda curious about if there will be a cake or not and since it's on a public place, well, wtf, is not like I'm transpassing or anything, I can just go and eat a burger with a friend or something... ;)
You might be wondering by now what it's the nature of the "disagreement" between this "fine educated gals" and me, well, you'll see, to put it simple, back like six years (or more) ago, this people used me (and my BJDs) to promote future sales without telling me (and I only found out after the event/promotion my dolls where used in) that they had planed to buy on the US "cheap, used and damaged dolls" and sell them here on my country (Argentina) for as much as 5 times the real value brand new from the factory. Obviously I opposed, and I publish the story online for everyone to know (because there was so little people back then who knew about BJDs and their price and how/when they are really ruined). This gals saw me as a "commercial inconvenient", so they find no better way to discredit my findings than trash-talk about me, stalk me, sent people to call to my house phone number and tell me they where going to kill me (still waiting) and ultimately open multiple eBay-argentina ("MercadoLibre") account using my personal data to scam people and when people was furious about the scam they will call to my home and insult me. I have no idea how much effort they put into this practices but considering they are still doing "hope you die" birthday parties on my honor nowadays I assume it was a lot of time and energy they used to fuck my name and slam me all around in stand of raising their kids, let's say, for example. and that is why they where SO angry I didn't just "abandoned the BJD hobby entirely" when they find out I had publish the first BJD book on my country. Bet that hurt their asses in some way...since they blown all this shit out of proportion to levels only a psycho will be able to imagine. lol, XD
So!, back on track that's news so far and now it's freezing and I got to get back to work but you know people, what you give to others always comes back so try to be a little less bitter about what I do with my ass and focus on hosting regular parties just for fun, and by that I mean "it's not healthy when the fun it's only wishing someone was dead"... :hug:

"If they give ya hell, tell them go fuck themselves!..."

And now a song to commemorate all songs!
(see trough the end, priceless video)

Remember I do give back all the LLAMAS and thank you to everyone for the faves and watches! :D

Llamas by Hassly

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Working till' late...

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 14, 2016, 6:09 PM

Ok, so, when I don't feel so well I try to put all my energy into small yet creative things. As for now I'm making small but steady progress on my second book. I was thinking to do some Character profiles from the 1st book but... well... is not translated to English yet so the profiles will be on Spanish too, it sucks you guys and I know, I'm fully aware of English is the best way to communicate worldwide but my first language it's Spanish so even if I have a basic knowledge of English it's my original language. ^^;

Also, since I'm a sort of "multitasking" artist, I'm divided into taking pictures (from places I visit), repainting and customizing from dinosaurs and Jurassic Park collectables to MonsterHigh dolls and MLP figures among a thousandth other thing, PLUS! attending my BJDs properly, making even more BJDs and writing the books or guides at the same time I keep everything updated and that is a whole lot of a mess if you ad real life to it.

So...... here is a music video!

* note I'm not from spain and I really hate football but fuck it the song it's amazing and I really like David Guetta and his videos *(AND Zara Larsson's voice it's just gorgeous).

"We're born to fly, so let's keep living 'til it all falls down.
Let's close our eyes, and let the moment drive the whole world out...

We're in this together, hear our hearts beat together...
We stand strong together, we're in this forever.
This one's for you... - This one's for you.

Waving colored flags, we won't surrender, there's no standing down!
There's a playing field, it's full of winners, we're breaking new ground.

We're in this together, hear our hearts beat together...
We stand strong together, we're in this forever.
This one's for you... - This one's for you."

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Sat Jul 9, 2016, 3:11 AM

Sorry I'm not so often into DA anymore... :(
I do upload things but I'm currently a bit stuck with other shit in life so...
I do return llamas and try to keep up with comments, but anyway...

Have a music video for a change...



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Jurassic June 2016

Thu Jun 16, 2016, 1:21 AM
So well, for most "Jurassic Park" fans out there we all know the month of June it's particularly praised each year as "Jurassic June" due to the Jurassic Park (1st) movie was out on June 11, 1993 (USA). - And for younger audiences, yes, Jurassic World was also out on June 11 2015 (on my country, Argentina, different countries had different dates for JW, USA was June 12).

But anyways!, even if the entire month it's special, the day 11th it's like the "dinosaur christmas" (?) ^^;

And so I took the day to make a detour and marvel myself with some visits to museums as you can see here and buy some JP goodies or papo dinos... ((I'm ultimately running too many sites at once right ow so I'm a bit late on all of them, plus, life "finds a way" to get in the way.))

Here you have some pictures of the Natural History Museum "Bernardino Rivadavia"

(located on my country, Argentina, Buenos Aires city), since it's very dear to me because back 1993 (or so), when I was 11 years old I did start working there and was working with the paleo-team until I was like 16-teens so...
Also attended and helped with the official "The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park" expo back in the day (see pics here… ). And now, even if I admit my camera run out of batteries too soon and I missed a bit/lot of the actual second floor and stuff I was able to catch most of this mesmerizing dinosaur exhibition for prosperity, including extinct prehistoric mammals.

You can see the entire album here:…

I will be uploading some goodies and extra pictures of toys and customs I'm working on, but most likely I will dedicate all June just to dinosaurs. Because "Jurassic June", that's why.

And by the way if you haven't heard off, Resident Evil has a "seventh" new title to the saga,
and I pretty much hope they don't screw it up like they did on RE6.

Music for Resident Evil VII - playable trailer
by: The Wainwright Sisters – "Go tell Aunt Rhody"

Go tell Aunt Rhody...
Go tell Aunt Rhody...
Go tell Aunt Rhody that everybody's...

I was raised in a deep dark hole...
A prisoner with no parole.
They locked me up and took my soul...
Shame though what they made.

I called to him and he will come...
She'll answer him like hes the one.
His arms outstretched but when shes done...
He'll be torn apart..!

Go tell Aunt Rhody...
Go tell Aunt Rhody...
Go tell Aunt Rhody that,

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I'm friends with the monster...

Sun May 29, 2016, 2:52 AM
Just because I've being so crazy busy I can barely update DA for now, so I'm leaving a song that keeps me going trough the night (at least tonight)

"I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed.

Get along with the voices inside of my head.

You're trying to save me, stop holding your breath.

And you think I'm crazy, yeah, you think I'm crazy...

...well, that's nothing!"

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Thank you for all the love!

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2016, 8:31 PM

Agradecemos muchísimo a todos los que se acercaron al stand esta Feria Internacional del Libro y ojalá estén disfrutando de la historia! :D

Si quieren mas fotos por favor visiten directo este link:…


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* Thank you so much to everyone who attended the International Book Fair Expo this year for the presentation of my new book about BJDs. :)

If you want to see more pictures of this expo, please visit:…


Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 001 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 006 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 076 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 078 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 077 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 084 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 085 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 087 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 093 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 072 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 051 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 050 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 094 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 053 by Mechanic-Star Feria Internacional del Libro 2016 - 064 by Mechanic-Star

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Mi libro en la Feria-del-Libro 2016

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 20, 2016, 12:35 AM

Asi que, chicos y chicas, se biene la feria del libro.

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

No olviden que pueden adquirir mi libro por los stands de Tahiel, que serian "Pabellón Azul - Stand 433" y "Pabellón Azul - Stand 534" respectivamente (para mas informacion visitar:… ).


Si quieren saber de que le va el libro pueden leer este otro Journal,

El Diario Secreto de mis Muniecas - 1ra ed

El Diario Secreto de mis Muniecas 1ra ed by Mechanic-Star

Recuerden que esta desde el 21 de Abril al 9 de Mayo en el Predio Ferial de La rural.

Aqui tienen indicaciones de como llegar:… - Y los horarios (Lunes a viernes de 14:00 a 22.00 + Sábados y domingos de 13:00 a 22:00):…

Ingreso gratuito:

Todos los días para menores de hasta 12 años inclusive, visitas escolares y personas con discapacidad.
Lunes a viernes para docentes, estudiantes, jubilados y pensionados.
En todos los casos es necesario presentar comprobante que acredite condición.
Lunes 25/04 y 02/05 para titulares de la tarjeta SUBE.
Sábado 23 de abril ingreso gratuito a partir de las 19:00

Entrada general - Valor de la entrada: Lunes a jueves: $50. - Viernes, sábados y domingos: $70. - Pase por tres visitas (días a elección): $100.


So yeah this journal it's Spanish Only, mainly because it's about a fair where my book will be sold and well... haven't publish it on English, so it's for Spanish only readers I guest, sorry, I promise I'll get into translating it as soon as I can... ^^;
...anyway, like it's kida' crazy because I never go to this places, and I'll be here at home and something I have written will be sold there, and wow, like... I actually wrote a book and will be exposed on this place so I guest that's kinda' cool (?)
I (almost) never finish things because I'm lazy and all (same reason I don't attend to this events maybe..?, lol)... and to actually see this, is like it doesn't belongs to me...
I can't bring myself to fell pride or anything, it just fells weird, like in an alternate dimension "another me" wrote the book and I had nothing to do with it...? ya' know what I'm saying or I'm just spinning my head too hard..? maybe it's the fact than I'm possibly (most likely) batshit crazy....yeah... that must be it.
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50 Questions- BJD Edition

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 14, 2016, 9:02 PM

1. Have your tastes changed in sculpts over the years?
Not much actually, although I'm more open to get some 60cm big girl now, the crew of big boys 70+ tall it's still my main thing on this hobby.

2. Do you have pre-made characters for the dolls that you get home which must fit a certain description, or, do you get them home and let inspiration hit?
A bit of both, sometimes yes, I get a doll just because I like the sculpt and then it might take even years to find a character, but in most cases I make my dolls or buy them for a already made character.

3. What do you do when you get hooked on a particular sculpt and want it home right here, right now but can’t as you have to save or some other reason?
If he urge it's too damn much then I simply look for a head I can custom and pictures of such doll without faceup and do my own version of the head, if I put myself onto it I can have the head made and cast in a week, and mixing different features from different sculpts I like...let's face it, nothing it's a snowflake, nothing it's like absolutely brand new. nothing.

4. How many dolls are too many to you personally?
I don't think it's about the number, but about how close you fell to certain doll or not. I have a lot of dolls, some I fell closer than others, sometimes you just don't know if you will bond until the doll it's finish, and by then you have another the number might increase a lot more than the "number of dolls you think are enough"

5. What are your thoughts on dolls with already pre-existing characters from movies/books/cartoons/etc.?
I had/have some, I don't mind them at all, if the character it's well portrayed it's sometimes even harder to have one of those dolls finish than the OCs you made up.

6. Acrylic, glass or urethane? And why?
Glass. Durable, Always shinny, traditional as the first doll eyes ever made, there is something not only useful and wonderful about glass and it's proprieties but also a bit mystical and superstitious that traps you down the core...

7. How much does yellowing bother you? What is acceptable before you want something done to liven up that old yellow resin skin?
My oldest doll (that was "normal yellow skin" to begin with) is still in a wonderful skin color. Yellowing it's aging of the resin, it's a natural process. I age, and so my dolls, we age together, and I don't think there is nothing wrong with that. I got plenty more gray hairs on my head than a decade ago, and my dolls are a bit more yellow, so what?

8. What are your thoughts on anthro BJDs vs actual animal BJDs?
I like them both but not my mainstream cup of tea. There are wonderful works on either side, I don't see them as "one or the other", they're just different.

9. How small is too small? How tall is too tall? Or does height even matter to you?
60cm/70cm tall it's just the right number. Smaller dolls are just less appealing to me, I mean, I do have small dolls, 45cm to 6cm the smallest... but there is nothing more powerful than a big doll, imposing, new, something you've never seeing. I wold love to have 150cm tall male doll one day but they only make 1/1 scale on girls and to be honest if I'm gonna buck the hell of a lot of money for a 1/1 scale bjd, I don't want a girl...sorry.

10. Do you talk with your resin buddies while painting them, dressing them, just because?
Let's face this, after some time on this hobby, who doesn't..?

11. Do you have a doll you love but will probably never have because finances or impossible to get?
I don't know if "love" is the word for it... I'll like to have a BIG 1/3 70cm tall centaur like SoulDoll Chiron Centaur, but he's long gone and for some reason SOOM centaurs are hilariously thin on their legs, they look like a hot dog standing on 4 toothpicks.

12. Do you have a favorite clothing company where you go and buy clothing and/or shoes from?
Usually AC, but any offer I find and accommodates to what I'm looking for it's good for me.

13. Your favorite pair of shoes you ever got home?
This is a hard one........I'm not a "shoe" lover. I don't have "favorite shoes" neither on real life or on my dolls. Sorry.

14. Favorite accessory?
Necklaces. They're fun to make, easy to apply, give the doll a certain personality, and on top of that they don't get stuck on joints like bracelets.

15. How many times have you had to redo a face-up in a day?
Depends on the result and if I'm happy with it or not, usually doesn't happen (than the gods for that) but when it does isn't more than one time. I learn fast from my mistakes.

16. Ever sat screaming and cursing at your sewing machine? Or even if you’ve sewn something by hand? Tell us a bit about one of those silly outbursts!
I don't sew. I hate it. Period. I honestly don't understand people who love sewing and have a doll just for that.

17. In the past year have you had to find homes for some of your resin buddies?

18. Have you ever made any miniature furniture of any kind or do you prefer to buy it?
I actually don't like props... but when I need one I go either way.

19. What would you do if one of your dolls went green or banana yellow? Would you try and salvage the damage somehow by mods and the like, or would you reinvent their character?
Neither, my doll has aged, so be it. I'm pretty fucking ZEN about this topic.

20. Ever got two dolls or more home in a year?
Yes, sure, but it has being a time since those times. Although I do make my own dolls so I can make a lot of different dolls over a year sometimes, I just don't buy them from outside (stupid custom regulations in my country don't allow me to).

21. Is there a certain theme going style/face-up/accessory/other wise? Or are they all fairly different from one another?
I don't think so, I like all my dolls to be different, or "as different as I can provide" that is...

22. How much is too much to pay for a doll/how little is too little? And why?
Depends on the doll, the seller, if it's recast or legit, the damage or state involved and if there is a LE or a regular sculpt, there is a lot of factors to consider, there is no straight answer to this question...

23. Do you do mods? Show us some of your work! Would you do them on rare/limited sculpts?
When I buy a doll and mod him/her it's usually because I already know that doll it's mine and I can do whatever shit I want to it, because it was my money. I do, as every other human being, fell a bit cringe over modding legit rare LE dolls but if I have to then so be it. Check my gallery, I don't only mod BJDs but every type of doll and figures:…

24. Do you prefer getting dolls home blank so that you can do your own face-up, or, do you prefer to have the company paint them for you?
I'll take my dolls blank, thank you.

25. Do you keep up with the various companies releases, events and the like?
Sorta'... I do keep an eye out for BJD news, but I don't look at them with intention of buying anymore but more as a reference for future ideas...

26. Ever hated having to cover up a body with clothing because the sculpting was absolutely divine and you’d rather just be able to watch all that naked glory for all time?
Yup, ...sure I could have some dolls on their underwear, but still, I also like to see them dress up so it's an internal battle with some sculpts.

27. What is your favorite wig brand?
I don't have one, if the wig it's good quality and in a good price range according to such quality then I'm fine with it.

28. How many pairs of shoes do you own for your dolls?
....not really sure... is there a reason why I should know this..?

29. How many wigs do you have for your dolls?
I guest I have like a bit more than dolls but since I'm always making new dolls I don't find that as a problem....and no, I don't have a number neither.

30. Do you have a favorite set of clothing? Do you own it?
I buy and make my own mix and match for those... I never saw a full-set that I was like completely blown away and some clothing sets I did said "wow...that's impressive" where over US$200 only the clothing so it sure as hell wasn't on my menu.

31. Do you have a favorite outfit you’ve made yourself?
Made it, mix and match.

32. Ever commissioned someone? And what for?
Yup, once, like a billion years ago when I had my first doll on the mail, it was a cosplay for the doll but I ended up not using it at all or very rarely...nowadays I wouldn't do it again.

33. How many pair of eyes do you have, spare and in use combined?
No freaking idea. A lot. like.... over 200...?

34. Ever called in sick because of an incoming package?
Thankfully I never had to. Plus my PO service sucks so it's nearly impossible to actually know when the delivery truck pass by.

35. What have been you longest wait? And the shortest?
Longest wait was from MOC, it took like...I don't know, like +6 or +8 months of constantly insulting me by mail and treating me with "not shipping my stuff" because I was a "latin american costumer" (fuckers), and the shortest was S/L, recast, less than 8 days to arrive. Wonderful service.

36. Do you prefer shooting single shots or group pictures?
I don't like photography. Yeah, kill me...

37. Do you prefer male or female dolls?
Males-males-males, and maybe some fantasy transgender doll that I can mod as a male character. Female (girl) dolls are just accessories for my male dolls to have a background because they're not gay so....eventually they need a female counterpart.

38. Ever had that one piece or accessory you could never quite find and are still searching for years later?

39. Ever had trouble settling for a sculpt for a given character and had to buy multiple sculpts home before finding that perfect one?
Not really, if what I'm looking for it's too specific or too rare I just make my own sculpt/head and cast it.

40. Do you keep a journal in where you write all of your doll related ideas and plans even if they wont always come to fruition?
It's called BRAIN. I use it for that too... you should try.

41. Ever shot some naughty naked/nude pictures? If not, why?
No, I respect my dolls as I respect all my other things. Internet it's already full of porn... :1

42. What are the longest time you’ve had a layaway running? If you’ve never done one, why are you refraining from making use of this service?
I used it for a soom MD I think..? it was like a 6 month payment plan but even if I used it several times I always end up paying the full amount in a lot shorter time period than the one they gave months for a 6 moths supposedly layaway plan.

43. Do you mind not being able finding a whole lot of pictures of a given sculpt you want home or do you like it’s exclusivity?
Not really important, but sometimes I will like to see more of some of my dolls who's factories are now closed and they're not recasted so only like 3 russian girls have the sculpt and browsing russian websites takes a lot more time than the one I have to spend on chasing pics...

44. Are you more of a share all the pictures type of person or more of a keeping them all to yourself and only share a select few?
"keeping them all to myself and only share a select few", the world it's already full of crappy pictures, they don't need mine into the pile unless it's actually a bit good, and I'll say it again, I'm not into photography so... :/

45. How good are you at sticking to your plans if, say, you told yourself you only were to bring home one more this year and then go on a break?
No one it's good at following those magical pre-made "perfect buy/sale/make plans" for longer than a week. Let's be honest...

46. What doll body is your favorite?
DikaDoll 5 part torso 70cm male body. It might not be the most beautiful in terms of sculpt but fuck yeah it can pose as a wonder...

47. Who in your resin crew has gone through the biggest transformation since arrival?
This is a tricky one, I have a few, Garby will be one of them ut he's current name it's Wind. then you certainly have Blade (it's a cyborg girl), loved the Impldoll concept, and didn't worked well on real life tough... she will be always a sort of work in progress.

48. Do you pamper some more than others?
Star might kill me in my sleep if I don't do so....

49. Ever bought something (dolls, clothing, accessories) that looked amazing in the pictures but turned out to be nothing like it upon arrival?
Sure as shit I did! I kinda know why HZ-Company it's not producing dolls anymore, it had nothing to do with recast, their dolls where seriously photoshoped on the selling pics...

50. What are your continued plans for this year?
I need to finish some body and re-cast a head (1st cast didn't turned out that good), and sculpting a new head and then casting that one...I have a couple plans for 2016 but so far none includes buying a new doll from outside, nowadays I find it a bit boring to just buy the doll, it's more exiting to make it and cast it and get it off the silicon rubber mold yourself and fixing details and sanding...damn...thank this hobby for all things I've learned since I started collecting BJDs!

Thanks for reading!

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