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Save the Raptor - 2005 2016 by Mechanic-Star Save the Raptor - 2005 2016 by Mechanic-Star
Adopt & Save a Raptor project:

As you might know by now, the original release of the "papo" (that's the brand of the figure) on the original Jurassic Park color it's nearly impossible to get and when you do it costs a small fortune just because "now it's rare"...
(as for right now we have a "Jurassic Park 3 male" raptor color scheme and this fall 2016 it's the re-release of yet another repaint, the green raptor resembling "Delta" from Jurassic World)

So I pinpointed (by mere chance) a guy selling it on my country (different region/state/province, I'm from the capital city and the guy is from "Cordoba", anyway, still useful to got him at good price and also added a papo Pachycephalosaurus to my collection as well, so I made the shipping cost count), the problem was, the raptor was horribly messed up... :'(

Save the Raptor - restoration 1 by Mechanic-Star

As you can see on seller original pictures the figure had a huge gap on the head and lower jaw, later I found out this was due someone "played so hard" with this poor raptor that literally -detached- the head, and someone re-glue it with random superglue (like any parent wold do, grate for you guys, I hate parents using superglue to fix literally the most expensive collectables, really guys..?)

The entire body was utterly covered on red waterproof markers, like red "sharpie", and this is obviously made by a child (see why I hate small kids?, why I will never have any children on my own?, they fuck shit at an alarming rate, 33 years of mint collectibles could blown to hell in 3 days if a child entered my room). So now I'm guessing this is supposed to be...blood?, like the raptor was eating meat..? or got hurt on a fight..? only one of many gods can know for sure... *[special mention for the teeth and inner mouth completely destroyed]

By the time I got him (that was like what, 2 days ago?) the entire "red" stain had being already long absorbed into the Raptors rubber like material, so using the bleach technique was no good at this point, didn't even tried. I did used a paper cutter blade (similar to what the US call "hobby knife") to cut the plastic/rubber to see how deep it got and it was almost red to the core of the tip of the tail, there was no point into trying to bleach it. What I did was gave him a powerful clean up, detached the poorly glued head, boiling water special mix of cleaning agents blah-blah-blah... then dry it out and start the operation "Adopt and save a Raptor" so to speak...

Save the Raptor - restoration 2 by Mechanic-Star

To return it to his original colors and former glory I used all water based paints and sealers, nevertheless, still very resilient materials to work with (so if by some crazy coincidence I need to get the colors out one day *on a long distant future* I can do it by long term hot water procedure, but since that is not going to happen...whatever). You can see the progress here, until the Raptor came in, it took no more than 2 days... and that was just because I went to sleep in between.

Now this rescued raptor it's back on track and has being reunited with his younger brother from the papo france family among others (like the JP1 kenner raptor). <3
Save the Raptor - 1993 2005 2016 by Mechanic-Star Save the Raptor - 2005 2016 by Mechanic-Star
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SkekLa Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm really happy that you could give his former glory back to the poor thing!...
He looks spectacular (IF It's a "he", I am just taking asumptions XD)

I LOVE how well the rescued raptor looks after your intensive treatment!!! KUDOS for and excellent work!!!
Mechanic-Star Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks! :3 :thanks:

I don't know if it's a she or he neither... if we based on the original kenner raptor from JP1 the skin color it's almost the same so the original kenner raptor was female (according to JP1 Isla Nublar) and this should be another female like "the clever girl / the big one"..???

But on the other hand, Kenner toys are toys for children, and the colors are a lot more bright. So based on the movie accurate pictures and screenshots this color scheme looks rather more orange and bright, more similar to the male raptors from Sorna (JP2-TLW).

Truth is, original papo color was more of a yellowish-brown... ^^;

you can see it on early pics, or here:
Velociraptor- Papo by Zero-Cannard Velociraptor by EyeMeMyself

...but to be fair, I didn't completely liked the original papo 1st Ver. color too much (the color change in the upper and lower jaw it's pretty obvious, particularly when closed...), you could see this was on the "early" line of papo dino figures (2005, that was like 11 years ago, that's a lot of time when we speak of "toy production techniques") and trough the sculpt it's still awesome (-I think the sculpting it's made by koreans, the paint and manufacture by chinese, and the selling on france-), the colors have improved since then...

So when I was to restore it I was held the basic question, "Should I just give him the original color although I know this figure has much more potential to it?, or should I give this raptor the best color I can and call it a day regardless of the original papo paint?" and thus... I ended up with a more realistic and detailed figure, that includes the gloss varnish that fucks the pictures out when the light it's applied but I trust everyone will understand this was the work of glossy-life-like effect made on purpose... ^^;
SkekLa Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Professional General Artist
I, for one, would have made the same as you, going for best looks more than for imitation of Papo's style!
I think you did well! ^^
That raptor looks amazing...and I don't think the gloss spoiled the pic, it looks clear enough and frankly good! ^^ thumbs up!
Mechanic-Star Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Usually the gross mess up pics, in general terms I mean.... ~_~' BJD eyes or lips are too glossy and BAM!, white brightness spot on the lip.......T__T

Anyways, I should upload individual pictures from several other dinosaurs I've repainted... :/
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