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Head - Sarcastic - SEREN by Mechanic-Star Head - Sarcastic - SEREN by Mechanic-Star
This is one of the heads that came out defective and I was going to trow away or simply smash and re-use the resin on other mix/experiment but ended up on my hands one day I was bored and well... you know how that goes.

Basically are the same old sculpts I was casting a while ago, the "Tan Skin" one came out neat first cast

Head B - WIP 01 by Mechanic-Star Out Of The Mold 1st green sculpt by Mechanic-Star Out Of The Mold first impressions by Mechanic-Star Seren - head tan by Mechanic-Star Seren Head Sample by Mechanic-Star Head A - WIP 01 by Mechanic-Star

but this where actually "white" skin (as if in "paper/snow" white) but had to fix some burbles and then I was like "I wanna' try some skin texture, color changing and stuff", and since I already have too many perfect dolls I wanted to see if I got some level of messed up skin (-for a 1st attempt they seem like they felt into an ashtray but well, is not something I can't live with, lol-)

They fit 70cm SD 1/3 scale BJD bodies, this are male sculpts but then I guest you can use them for female if the neck fits... :I

I make my stuff for fun, and I'm aware they are not the "perfect look" you all expect from a BJD, but then again, this are heads who were going to go to the garbage because the casting came out bad, remember I didn't checked the "Request critiques" button so no, I'm not taking critics for something I already know it's defective, although, economy it's just so bad around here that I might just keep them for practice...besides, there is something in their eyes preventing me to trow them away now... XD

* FORGOT TO MENTION: on this one I sanded off the chin so the face will be more round...that's why it looks a bit different on the lower jaw from the tan ver. and the original green sculpt.
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Submitted on
July 28, 2016
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